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Friday, November 9, 2012

This is why we have kids

because, you know, sometimes I do wonder. The thing is, they're smarter than us, wiser in that deep way that hasn't been messed up by life. They just know things that are good to know. Sometimes we know stuff too. You know, "because I'm older than you", "I've lived longer", experience and all that. Heck, sometimes we just are smarter. ;)  However, today my son showed me how wise he is.

Wrestling season has just begun. Both of the boys just started wrestling last year. In the world of wrestling, that still makes them newbies. The season last year finished in the early spring. Then they played baseball. Lots of baseball. Baseball in no way gets you ready for wrestling. Not only are you not practicing wrestling moves, baseball does not get you in shape. Envision Derek Jeter at short stop. He is waiting for the pitcher to pitch. He is waiting for a ball to come near him. Maybe he makes a diving catch. Maybe the inning ends. Then he goes into the dugout and waits some more. Sure they run, throw, catch and do other things that require energy, strength, speed, etc. If they tried to wrestle, most baseball players wouldn't get through the first period in a wrestling match. Even though E and K are just 12 and almost 10, it's no different. Wrestling is hard.

At any rate, they've had a few practices. There is a tournament this week. And I hear the competition is tough. It's a long drive (almost 2 hours). My younger son got his butt kicked, so to speak, at practice last night. They've had colds. It's not cheap to go to a tournament. There will be plenty more this year. They could do a tryout for baseball team they're interested in. They don't need to go (there's 6 days of tryouts and they've been to one). I could go on and on for reasons not to go. Mostly though, I was thinking two things. The baseball tryout sounded good and the weather will be so nice this Sunday. The wrestling tournament is far. And lastly, they're not ready yet this season. We're going to drive a long way for them to get really beaten. At least, I'm thinking my younger son will. The age group there is 4th-6th grade, which works in my older son's favor and against my younger son's favor. Did I mention it's a long drive? Did I mention the competition is hard? Did I say I think he's going to get crushed?

So, K says to me, "Mom, you get better by wrestling better wrestlers. I see this as a chance to get better. To learn. And a good way to get me back into wrestling."

I was humbled.

And here I was thinking about his losing. How do you lose if you're going to learn?

He's already a winner.

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