A Charlotte Mason homeschool......

A Charlotte Mason homeschool
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Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I keep forgetting to link back to the blog that started this  boot camp thing. Pam, over at Everyday Snapshots started the Homeschool Mom's Boot Camp.

I'm a little behind in meeting my self imposed deadline. I don't really mind, because I'm way ahead of where I would usually be. Saturday morning I was not quite ready to firm up my new curriculum choices. Then the day got BUSY. Sunday I knew we would be out most of the day, but I expected to be home late afternoon and knew I could work then.

Now, I'm not going to place blame or anything and really, I suppose I played a role in it as well. However, the one doing the driving (no names, but it wasn't me and it wasn't either of the kids) was, so to speak, in the driver's seat.

To sum it up, we got home about 3 hours later than expected. This involved a husband, a GPS, and four states. I'm actually pretty good at geography, but even if I wasn't, I would've been pretty sure we didn't need to go west to go home from New Jersey to Connecticut. Just sayin'........... I didn't think we needed to go home via Pennsylvania.

The Delaware Water Gap was pretty. Both directions. I'm not sure if we went though it two or three times.

Somebody (and it wasn't me and it wasn't the kids) got a bit grumpy. The rest of us actually held on pretty well. I don't think he appreciated how patient we all were. The kids thought it was cool......at first. I made some jokes and will continue to do so mercilessly for years to come.

He is officially fired from the position of driver/navigator for long trips. I'm not going to say what I might do to the GPS.  We're planning to go to Maine in the spring. Do you think we might end up North Carolina?

So, really,  that was the weekend and here it is Wednesday. Then, it is only part of the excuse.

Without further ado my curriculum additions:

For my younger son:
Classical Phonics    I think this should be enough, as his reading is really almost there. I am also trying not to spend too much.
More Storytime Treasures
Literature Studies--Although his comprehension level is way beyond this, I think this is a good level for him for now, due to his reading and writing skills.  We may move on to the second grade books later in the year.

For my older son:
Great Books Academy literature guides
He is in sixth grade, but there are quite a few good books in here which he hasn't read. I like the way the questions really make you think.  We already own the grade three guide, so we are starting with that. We will move on as we are ready to.
We will supplement that with:
Memoria Press literature study guides, sixth grade
Imitation in Writing--Haven't quite settled this: fables? fairy tales? myths?  I'm leaning toward the first two.

Together: Memoria Press Famous Men of Rome with the study guide.

Those are the main changes/additions, although there are some big schedule and approach changes in the works already. More on that in the next boot camp update.

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