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A Charlotte Mason homeschool
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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Homeschool Boot Camp

The Challenge: Pick one area of your homeschool or life that needs work. Make a plan. Commit to it. Work on it over 2-3 weeks and blog about it. Let people you've never met In Real Life hold you accountable. At the same time......share this with the world (or the 2 or 3 people who actually read my blog.)

This is a bit daunting because:
1) The list of things in both my homeschool and my life that need work is huge. It's hard to pick one or even prioritize because there really are so many important changes that need to happen.
2) I've been really bad about blogging.
3) I'm pretty disorganized, a bit lazy, a procrastinator and well, this is just going to be hard.

But, I've signed up for the Boot Camp and I'm determined to make some changes.

First up, I've made a (huge) list of areas that need work. I'm still in the thinking this over stage. I'm going to write what areas I am leaning towards because otherwise I might stay in the thinking stage longer. (Here is where the public embarrassment....cough...I mean accountability.....comes in. If  I share it here, I'm more likely to move on to the next stage. Which is??

 Talking out loud (would that be typing out loud?) here.......

1) Figure out what the problem is, or in my case which of the many I will address
2) Assess what is contributing to the problem
3) Make a plan based on #2

Some of the changes that I am considering~
           ~starting our school day earlier and being more disciplined (me) about a start time
           ~adapting our schedule (I am thinking of moving to a block schedule. Also (long story) we have
             come  to a point where I generally have the kids do the main portion of their school work at  
             separate times. I would like to have most of the work done  at the same time.)
           ~have checklist/schedule for both boys ready consistently before Monday a.m.
           ~add in regular project time
           ~change some curriculum

Just writing that out was helpful. So, what I see are two main areas. One is the change in curriculum. The other is developing a solid working schedule and I guess I have to add in being consistent and disciplined. Eek. Where do I start?

To be continued.......I will update my progress as I move along.