A Charlotte Mason homeschool......

A Charlotte Mason homeschool
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Friday, January 21, 2011

Week in review

Did I mention we've had just a bit of snow these days? So, what have we been up to?

Art......building....reading......snowboarding....playing with friends....and just a bit of school, too.

Some of what we've been reading this week:

Good stories.....


E's and K's books....

A little poetry, history, geography......

K finished a mini lapbook on the Revolutionary War. We generally do lapbooks on subjects they want to do them on, not necessarily connected to anything we are studying. This mini lapbook is from Fortunately for You Books. The boys like them because they are little and can be done in 1-2 days.

We started working on a project from Deep Space Sparkle. This was a very precise art project. It included lots of measuring. They're not done yet, but so far they both seemed to enjoy it.

A fairly typical week here. We did picture study, lots of reading, mapwork, history, math, and hands on projects as much as I could get them in.

What we're loving this week: Charlotte's Web, Mountain Born, Build-It cards.

What some of us are not loving: The math program. This is E. I have decided much of it is too easy for him. Although it is lots of review which is good, I think it is more than he needs and is taking away his enjoyment of math. I'm going to go through this level and see where he really needs to work on things. Beyond that, I can't buy a new program now, but maybe by spring.

What some of us love, some of us don't, and maybe we've all had enough of??? Snow.


  1. Looks great! We have so many of those books too. I'll have to check out the lapbook site.

  2. We've had enough of snow here as well. How are you enjoying the MB Synge history book?

  3. I really like the Synge book. I think it is one of the better general books for the time period.